Polyurethane Coatings (PUR)

Polyurethane elastomers are rubber-elastic chemical materials with exceptional physical and mechanical properties. Polyurethane has established itself as a versatile, technical construction material and, as a result, covers a very wide range of applications.

Main properties:

  • High wear resistance
  • High load-bearing capacity, even under dynamic loading
  • Wide hardness range (10° ShA to 85° ShD)
  • High elasticity in the entire hardness range
  • Flexibility over a wide temperature range (-35°C to +90°C)
  • Good resistance to many oils, greases and solvents
  • Good resistance to ozone, UV and high-energy radiation

A distinction is made between the following main groups:

  • Polyester-polyurethanes
  • Polyether-polyurethanes
  • Mixed systems

Mixed systems have a property profile that lies between those of polyester systems and polyether systems.

Options with FDA-approved components are also available.

For electrically conductive coatings, see the specific product sheet

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