Electrically Conductive Coatings

With the increasingly complex high-tech devices and the sometimes very sensitive sensor technology, the requirements in the area of coatings have increased as well. If, for example, electrical charges form at the wrong place, the consequences may be serious for the functioning of a device.

In the area near the electrostatic charging, a conductive coating (as an addition) can provide a remedy. By using special additives, it is possible to individually influence the surface and volume resistivity and discharge undesired charges via the coating of a cylinder.

Definitions with regard to resistance:

greater than 1012 Ω
statically dissipative
in the range between 109 – 1012 Ω
statically conductive
in the range between 106 – 109 Ω
in the range between 102 – 105 Ω
in the range between 10-4 – 102 Ω

We offer the following options in electrically conductive versions:

EPDM, polyurethane and polyurethane foam

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