Non-Stick Coatings

Do you want to move an adhesive label cleanly and without problems? Then you need transport rollers with a special non-stick surface! The hot-melt adhesive should not adhere to this surface, thereby preventing undesired wrapping of the labels.

Want to keep dry or liquid toner from sticking to transfer rollers? A non-stick coating might be the solution here as well!

RTV Silicone

We have developed a special RTV silicone mixture (55° ShA) for this purpose that has non-stick properties throughout. The surface can thus be reground at any time without a decrease in the non-stick effect. The silicone is applied to the blank with the cold-cast method and with the help of a mold.


Plasma coatings are used as well (Excalibur System):

  1. First, the blank is roughened through blasting to allow other elements of the Excalibur System to better adhere.
  2. Then the most important part: white-hot particles of a special stainless steel are sprayed onto the rough surface.
  3. The cooled particles, permanently bonded to the surface, form a landscape of “hills” and “valleys” and, as a result, a permanent foundation.
  4. Multiple layers of special silicone fill the “valleys” and cover the “hills” and are stabilized by the stainless steel “hills”.


With nano coatings, a thin film is applied to, e.g., an existing foam surface which, after it cools, serves as a protective skin. In this case, the foam provides a damping property; the outer skin closes the pores and also acts as a non-stick coating.

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